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Nuestro Cheff prepara cada plato con un estilo unico, usando solo productos frescos y naturales sin olvidar el toque especial de Nuestra Mama',y asegurandose que usted lo disfrute tanto como si estuvieras en casa.

Our Cheff prepares every dish with a unique style, using only Fresh and Natural Products without forgetting Mom's Home Cooking, and ensuring that You enjoy as much as being Home.

​Para mas informacion y reservaciones, favor llamar al 862-257-9001
For more information and reservations, please 
call us at 862-257-9001 

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Casual dining for families and friends

Ask about our catering for banquets and events

Cafe Colombia...Un sabor unico! / An unique Taste!
Calamares Fritos                      $10.00
Fried Calamari with Marinara Sauce 
Cocktail de Camarones -         $ 9.00
Shrimp Cocktail                 
Spidini                                             $ 7.00
Fried Bread with Ham & Cheese in a Mushrooms Cream Sauce  
Alitas de Pollo                              $ 6.00
Chicken Wings With Pink/or Hot Sauce    
Chicharron con Tostones        $ 5.00
Fried Green Plantains and Pork Rind
Arepa con Quezo                         $ 3.00
Spanish Cornmeal topped with fresh cheese
Salchipapa                                    $ 5.00
Sweet Sausage/Fries
Albondiguitas                              $ 6.00
Mini Meat Balls
Bolitas de Arroz                           $ 5.00
Mini Rice Balls
Churrasco con Camarones   $18.00
Prime Sirloin Steak with Shrimp, Onions,Peppers and Cabernet Sauce.
Carne Asada                                $ 11.00
A generous slice of grilled Sirloin Steak
Lengua en Salsa                        $ 11.00
Calf Tongue in a House Sauce
Carne a la Milanesa               $ 11.00 
Breaded thin cut of Sirloin, crispy & juicy
Picada Cafe Colombia            $ 14.00
Fried Beef, Pork Rinds, Colombian Sausage,Tostones, and Corn Cakes. 
Higado Encebollado /Asado $ 11.00
Calves Liver in a Creole Sauce with Onions OR Grilled
Lomo de Cerdo Salteado        $ 12.00
Sauteed Pork Loin with Onions, Peppers,in a lite Tomato Sauce
Milanesa de Pollo                     $ 10.00
Breaded Chicken Breast, crispy
 and juicy
Pollo con Champiñones         $ 11.00
Chiken Breast in Mushrooms 
Cream Sauce
Pollo al Limon                           $ 10.00
Chicken Breast in a Lemon White Wine Sauce
Salteado de Pollo                       $ 11.00
Chicken Sauteed with Onion, Peppers in a lite Tomato Sauce
Deditos de Pollo Con Papitas    $ 6.00
Chicken Fingers with Fries

Ceasar / House Salad                $ 5.00

Tilapia Provincial                                          $12.00
Tilapia Sauteed with Garlic, Diced Tomatoes in a Chardonnay wine Sauce.
Tilapia Apanada​ - Breaded Tilapia            $12.00 
Flounder a la Francesa                                $12.00
Filet of Flounder with Lemon, White Wine Sauce
Flounder y Camarones en Salsa               $15.00
Filet of Flounder in a Pink Sauce with Shrimp
Camarones Apanados -Breaded Shrimp $ 14.00
Cazuela de Mariscos                                      $ 18.00
Seafood Casserole, Shrimp, Calamari, Fish,
Mussels, Crab Meat in a Lite Tomato Sauce
Bandeja Paisa                                                     $12.00
Country Plate served with Grill Steak, crispy Pork,
Chorizo, Sweet Plantain, Pinto beans and rice topped with a fried egg.
Bandejita Small Bandeja without Chorizo  $ 9.00
Arepa Montañera                                             $10.00 Chunks of sirloin steak, chicharrón and 
pinto beans served over an arepa.
Trucha con Patacon                                        $16.00
Large Patacon is the base of this popular dish, Served with Grilled Brook Trout in a Mushrooms Cream Salsa 
Callos de mi Pueblo                                         $12.00
Tripe with Garlic, Onions, Mushrooms, 
Capers in a Lite Red Sauce.
Sobrebarriga Criolla/ o la Plancha        $12.00
Flank steak in a Creole Sauce OR Grilled
Cazuela de Frijoles                                           $ 8.00
A hearty Bowl of Beans with Rinds, served with 
Rice and Sweet Plantains.
Eggplant Rollatine                                          $11.00
Eggplant Parmigiano                                    $11.00 
Baked Ziti                                                            $11.00 
Penne Pink Sauce                                             $10.00
Penne a la Vodka (Penne Vodka)                $11.00 
Fettuccini Alfredo con  Pollo                     $12.00
 Fettuccini Pasta in Alfredo Sauce with Chicken 
Spaghetti Bolognese                                        $11.00
Fettuccini con Carne                                     $13.95 
Pieces of Sirloin Steak,Mushrooms, Onions, 
Diced Tomatoes in a Demiglazed Sauce.    
Shrimp or Calamari Fra Diavolo             $13.95
 In Spicy Marinara Sauce over Spaghetti.   
Pollo Parmigiana (Chicken Parmigian)   $12.00 
Chicken Marsala                                              $11.95 
Chicken Breast Sauteed Mushrooms and 
Marsala Wine Sauce 
Chicken Saltimbucca                                     $11.95 
Chicken Breast With Ham and Mozzarella Cheese 
in a Cherry Wine Sauce.   
Chicken Sorrrentino                                       $11.95
 Chicken Breast with Eggplant, Mozzarella 
In a lite Tomato Sauce 
Chicken and Shrimp                                       $13.95
In a Garlic, Lemon, White Wine Sauce.    
Tilapia Piccata                                                   $13.95
Shallots, Capers, Lemon in White Wine Sauce.

 Pandebonos, Buñuelos, Empanadas, Morcilla, Dulces de Guayaba, Piña, Panes, etc. Disponibles en Nuestra Panaderia Colombiana.